Writing and Editing Services
When you need a written piece that is developed from scratch. Involves:
  • Research
  • Interviewing
  • Creating successive drafts of the work, based on reviews
  • Approving the work
When you plan to delegate the work to a writer after you create a working draft. Or, you have a working draft for which you need editorial help, for reasons such as:
  • Unexpected staff shortage
  • Sudden shift in business priorities
  • Increase in the scope of the work
When you have a finished peace, but want an objective set of eyes to examine it for the inevitable subtle err ors that you, your staff, or the spell checker and syntax checker of a word processing application might mist.

Note: The spelling and grammar checkers of two widely used word processing applications did not flag the errors in the above sentence. Here are several other reasons to employ an experienced human proofreader.